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    Serious about training and relaxation? The Lola massage gun is specifically designed for women who value both. Relieve tension, soreness, tightness and fatigue with this pulsating massage gun that provides instant relief. Not only does the Lola help to speed up muscle recovery post-workout, it can also help to melt away tight shoulders and stiffness after a long day spent at a desk. Explore our edit of the best Lola massage guns to invest in your fitness and wellbeing.


    Simple, silent, light and fast, the Lola massage gun is designed for ease and comfort. Easily-accessible buttons allow you to switch speeds with ease, while an ergonomic handle makes it comfortable to self-massage. Plus, elevating the device above your shoulders won’t be a workout in itself, thanks to its light and compact design. With four heads that allow you to manipulate the places that need your attention and four speeds starting at 1400 RPM, it’s perfect for warm-ups and cool-downs.

    Why we love it:

    Specifically designed to target women’s bodies, Lola’s massage gun is compact enough to be slipped into gym bags, handbags and your bedside drawer for quick muscle relief. While it may be easily held in one hand and weighs less than 500g, it’s surprisingly powerful. Offering up to 3000 RPM at its highest setting, this incredible little massage gun is able to withstand up to 15kg of force. Extremely versatile, try the Lola to warm-up before a workout, to relieve stress after travel or work, while unwinding on the sofa or post-workout to speed up recovery.