APL Techloom Pro

Distinct style, innovative materials and next-level performance; explore the advanced APL TechLoom Pro range and transform your run.

APL Techloom Pro


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    APL Techloom Pro

    Light jog or cross-country run, there’s no doubt that your running shoes have a massive impact on your agility, comfort and overall performance. Athletic Propulsion Labs are masters at designing running trainers that allow you to push on further and their latest APL TechLoom Pro collection will help you do just that. Featuring innovative materials, modern designs and varying knit patterns; feel unstoppable in a pair on TechLoom Pro trainers.

    Founded in 2009 APL want to maximise your potential. The latest APL TechLoom Pro is an update of a classic APL running shoe, with a focus on extreme comfort, total agility and next level performance. The upper combines an intriguing array of varying knit patterns and has been woven in a single piece for an exceptional fit, breathability, flex and comfort. Meanwhile, an innovative Propelium® midsole/outsole keeps the shoe light, whilst cushioning impact and generating energy for push off.

    Why we love it:

    Whether you're an athlete or committed runner, expect to see gains in your performance when you slip on the TechLoom Pro. With an 8mm drop, they place your foot in the optimal position for natural running, while a sleek finish ensures they appeal to your discerning tastes too.