Yoga Mat Wash - Gingergrass 2oz

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Yoga Mat Wash - Gingergrass 2oz

Keeping your Manduka yoga mat clean has never smelt so good! This water based cleaner will have your mat in the best shape possible, so you can focus on a lean and long practice. With Aromatic Organic essential oils, Gingergrass gives a rejuvenating and vibrant scent to your mat, allowing you to get the maximum out of your mat while doing the cleaning minimum. Energizing Gingergrass - Radiant, warm and earthy. Size: 59ml (2oz).

59ml (2oz)

Daily Cleaning: After your practice, spray your mat once with the Gingergrass spray, wipe with a damp cloth and then leave to air dry.
Deep Cleaning: For a deep clean of your mat, spray a generous amount of the Gingergrass Mat Wash directly onto the surface of your Yoga Mat and leave for around 5 minutes. Wipe down with a damp cloth and scrub if necessary to allow for dirt and stains to be removed. Air dry before rolling or use again.

MandukaÕs collection of yoga mats and props features an array of sustainable materials. Boasting natural cotton, biodegradable rubbers and sustainable cork into their products, they're ideal for environmentally-conscious consumers. Manduka's products are also durable and strong enough to survive countless uses.

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